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Did you know that there are at least 17 permanent orienteering trails in Dorset? 


One of the trails is in Gillingham and starts at the library, an ideal starting point, located near the railway station, public car parking, a supermarket and café. 

All you need is suitable footwear and a mobile phone to download the free Map Run App. For more information visit the Find Your Way website using the link below:

Find Your Way: What is the find your way project?

The Mayor of Gillingham, Cllr Barry von Clemens and Clinical Director at Gillingham Medical Practice, Dr Kathryn Mounde, relaunched the trail in Gillingham at the beginning of May 2024.  The event was supported by Wimborne Orienteering Club who originally designed the course on behalf of Public Health Dorset. 

Orienteering is a sport for life!  It can be adapted to your skill and physical ability.  The sport can help prevent age-related cognitive decline in spatial navigation and memory.  Orienteering is the “thinking sport” – it’s like solving a puzzle.  Details of the permanent orienteering courses in Dorset can be found by visiting the Wimborne Orienteers website: 

Dr Kathryn Mounde said, “Gillingham Medical Practice is very proud to be part of the orienteering project in Gillingham.  Orienteering is a good example of fun activity that promotes the benefits of outdoor exercise for everyone”. 

Cllr Barry von Clemens said, “The trail crosses some of Gillingham’s fabulous open spaces, away from the built environment and only accessible by foot.  The open spaces are vital to help our community maintain good mental and physical wellbeing”.

Published: May 22, 2024