Our Consultation System




Update to our Consultation Process

  • You may have noticed we we have recently reviewed our appointment system in order to maximise the ability to offer more patients appointments.
  • We are continuing to use a blended approach in response to your health needs, using e-consult, telephone calls, and signposting to other services alongside the traditional face to face appointments.
  • Our receptionist may well ask you for some more information about your enquiry when you request an appointment, this is so that we can ensure that you are directed to the best service for your needs.


Request a Consultation

We will ask you to help us by giving us some information about your symptoms, and what you’re hoping we might be able to do to help. The easiest way for you to do this is by completing an eConsult. If this is not possible, the next option is to answer some simple triage questions with one of our Patient Services Administrators, to give us the information we need to give you the right appointment. Our entire team subscribe to the same very high standards of confidentiality.  

This system should enable us to allocate the appointments in order of need rather than on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Furthermore, the appointment request should be signposted to the most appropriate clinician, optimising efficiency and continuity of care. 

Online Consulation

eConsults are not processed after 4.30pm.

or alternatively you can:

book appointment with GP


Total Triage

Our appointment system is based around the concept of Total Triage This should mean that the care you receive from us is delivered faster, more safely and of the best possible quality. 

We will not ever prevent anyone from receiving care – the goal is to deliver care that is: 

  • FASTER – eConsult requires no waiting on the phone and will help you avoid the rush for appointments when the phone lines open.  
  • SAFER – eConsult highlights symptoms to us that could be serious, and so reduces the risk of patients with these problems not being able to get through to us on the phone.  
  • BETTER – appointments will be allocated by clinicians, which will allow us to make sure that we give you the right appointment at the right time with the right clinician.  

Our aim is to maintain continuity of care whenever possible. Continuity of care means each patient ideally seeing the same, or a small team of doctors, rather than lots of different doctors. We think this helps us to spot more easily when something is seriously wrong, and helps us to help you make difficult decisions, if they come up.  

Our fabulous team of Patient Services Administrators are key to implementing this system, as the vital link between our community and our clinical team.  

There are lots of other ways you can help us make this a success such as signing up for online access via SystmOnline and using the NHS app.


Nurse Team Appointments

Appointments to see a Practice Nurse or Healthcare Assistant are bookable via reception.


Text Message Reminders

You can now register to receive information by text message on your phone regarding appointments and health care. 

If you wish to register for this messaging service please fill out the consent form.

  • We are finding increasingly that patients prefer to be contacted via their mobile but the only contact number we have is their home landline.
  • Please don't forget to update us with your correct contact details, including mobile numbers, additional numbers such as work and email addresses.
  • If we have your mobile number, we can also send you a free of charge text message to remind you of your booked appointments or to invite you to arrange an appointment with a GP or Nurse for a review.

Sick Notes

If a patient has an on-going sick note they use eConsult to organise a renewal. If the doctor decides the patient does need to be seen, contact will be made to arrange this.  Not all patients need to see a GP if they have an on-going illness or have had an operation.



Patients are asked to check repeat prescription slips. It will advise them if they need a medication review and will also show any other messages from the surgery.  

If you take a regular medication or are used to having an annual blood test, in your birthday month please complete the “Medication review,” template via eConsult. If you are not able to do this, please provide your details to reception. Once a GP has reviewed your medications, they will let you know what else is required, such as blood tests or home blood pressures readings.

If you need repeat medication, please ensure you order the medication 3 to 4 working days before so there is time for the surgery and pharmacy to process the request.




Check results, view your summary record and request medication.

Your details and information are protected by the highest standards of online
security, so all you need to worry about is what to do with the spare time you’ve



Dental Appointments

If you require an appointment regarding tooth ache, gum disease/infections or dental abscesses, you will need to make an appointment with your dentist.  If you cannot get an appointment with your dentist or you are not registered with a dentist, you should ring 111 who will direct you to your nearest emergency dental service.