Mission Statement & Patient Charter




Mission Statement

To provide an appropriate, rewarding experience for patients whenever they need our support.

Practice/Patient Charter

As a patient of this practice you have the right to:

  • To be treated with respect by our employees and other providers of Health Services
  • Absolute confidentiality always maintained and your right to privacy respected.
  • To have a named accountable GP
  • Be offered appointments with the GP, nurse and healthcare assistant that can be booked in advance
  • Receive emergency medical treatment or advice when the practice is closed from NHS 111 or 999
  • To be referred to a specialist acceptable to you when you and your GP think it is necessary, and to be referred for a second opinion if agreed it is advisable.
  • To be provided with safe, clean, comfortable premises offering access for the disabled.
  • Access to baby changing facilities
  • Be chaperoned during consultations if required
  • Request the support of translator services
  • Repeat prescriptions will issued by the practice within 72 hours of their request.
  • Have your concerns, suggestions or complaints listened to and acted upon by the practice in accordance with the practice’s in-house complaints procedures.

We can only deliver consistently high standards with your help. So please remember:

  • To treat our employees and other providers of Health Services with respect
  • To use the skills and support available from your local community pharmacist for common minor ailments.
  • Where an appointment has been made at the practice, the patient is responsible for keeping it or giving adequate notice that they cannot attend, so it may be made available to another patient.
  • We have a ‘one patient one appointment ‘policy. If another family member needs to be seen they must make a separate appointment.
  • Patients are responsible for their children’s behaviour whilst on the premises, to ensure their safety and the right of a calm atmosphere for other patients.
  • Patients are requested to keep home visits for serious illness and the permanently housebound and attend surgery where possible.
  • Return equipment such as blood pressure monitors when you no longer need them, so they can be used by other patients
  • Check your repeat prescription re-order slip, or online account, for messages from the practice.
  • To please treat reception staff with courtesy. It is not their fault if a surgery is delayed.
  • To provide a third-part consent form should you require us to speak to someone else about your records and medications.
  • To let us know when you change your name, address or telephone number.

In addition, you are entitled

  • To have access to your written and computerised health records, within the limitations of the law. 


  • We reserve our right to remove from our list patients who are violent, rude or abusive towards any of our staff.

Reviewed and Updated January 2023