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Unpaid Carers receive exceptional care and support

Gillingham Medical Practice continues to be recognised as a Carer Friendly Practice, providing exceptional care and support for their patients who are registered as unpaid carers.

Rachel Close, Programme Manager at Forward Carers, said: "Forward Carers are delighted to welcome Gillingham Surgery to our Carer Friendly GP's Community, reflecting their excellent work in supporting unpaid Carers to access help and support they deserve”. 

Dr Kathryn Mounde, Clinical Director at the practice, said, “Identifying someone as a carer and doing something positive can be an important step in improving carers health and wellbeing”.

Claire Lockett, Carers Lead at the practice, said, “If you help someone who has a disability, serious illness, frailty, addiction, physical or mental health issues, please tell us so we can offer you extra support”. 

Dorset Council also provide support for carers by The Carer Friendly ID Card provided by Forward Carers and is available for FREE to unpaid Carers who register with Carer Support Dorset. 

The card offers a form of verified identification, recognised nationally, it acknowledges your caring role and provides access to various benefits, offers and services and your ‘In Case of Emergency (ICE)’ contact details.

For further details visit Carers Support Dorset - Carers Card

Contact Clare Ratcliffe for more information

Published: Apr 30, 2024