High Praise for Gillingham Medical Practice




At a recent NHS Showcase Gillingham Medical Practice was presented with ‘The Most Courageous Practice’ award for applying a whole new approach to the BP@Home project, which benefits patients living with high blood pressure. 

The Practice was commended for its positive attitude and courage to take the work in a new direction, engaging the entire practice and upskilling staff.  This enabled many patients being offered the opportunity to use the app relatively quickly after seeing their doctor.


Dr Kathryn Mounde, Clinical Director, said: ‘This award was a total surprise, and I am pleased that all our hard work has been acknowledged’.

The use of healthcare apps, like BP@Home, are increasingly popular with patients.  It is easier for patients to manage their long-term health conditions without the need to come into the surgery. This helps the surgery to continue to offer same day appointments for patients, especially those who need urgent attention.  

Patients can check if their practice supports the use of the app by checking this website: Register for the BP@Home service – Our Dorset

For a video to see how BP@Home is helping people in Dorset with Hypertension visit: Our Dorset's BloodPressure@HomeService - Patient Stories

Published: Apr 30, 2024